When you wake in the morning, train yourself to immediately think about how the duvet feels on your body.  Feel the weight of the duvet/sheets.  Notice the weight of your body on the mattress and any sensations of warmth, coolness, numbness or tingling.

As you get out of bed, notice how you feel as you change posture.  Pay attention to how different your body feels as you begin to sit up from lying and from sitting to standing.  Take 5 mindful breaths before you go about your day.

Whenever you notice a sound, such as a bird singing, laughter, a car horn, traffic noise- use this as a trigger to mindfulness practice and take a few moments to really listen to the sounds.

Whenever you are waiting in a queue, use the time to notice standing and breathing.  Feel the contact of your feet on the floor and how your body and posture feel.  Notice the rise and fall of your abdomen as you breathe in and out.  Become aware of any feelings of impatience, or other feelings, without judgement.  Simply notice what is there.

If you are doing chores, such as peeling potatoes, really focus on the activity.  Notice the colours of the potato and the sensations and movement of what you are doing.  Slow it down and simply just be doing what you are doing. 

Before you go to sleep at night, take a few minutes to bring your attention to your breathing.  Observe without trying to change, the rhythm of your breath.